The Nico's Cocina Story

While other boys his age spent time playing in the heat outside, he eagerly stayed inside and "played" over a hot stove. It was then that his fire for cooking zesty, tasteful food was lit.

The "he" we speak of is Joaquin Espinoza, founder of Nico's Cocina.

As a little boy in Mexico, Joaquin found his life's passion through time spent with his father, Nicholas (affectionately known as "Nico").  At Nico's side, he learned the secrets of meal preparation. Nico's zeal for great food planted an idea - a dream - in Joaquin's mind to open a restaurant someday to share all of those great family recipes.

Joaquin arrived in Dallas, TX in 1979, with the dream still intact of opening a Mexican Restaurant where his father's unique recipes would delight a new audience. He spent many years working hard in restaurants and catering. Even if he had to do dishes, he worked in the kitchens, near the chefs, gaining golden insights not only on food, but also the food business. As Joaquin continued to grow in experience and wisdom, the clock of opportunity finally struck with a loud "ready," strongly encouraging him to bring the restaurant forth. Thus, after making a move to Carrollton, TX, and in the spring of 2006, Joaquin opened Nico's Cocina, aptly named after his father.

Nico's Cocina sports an atmosphere that is comfortable and casual, while maintaining a high level of charm and elegance. Spacious, roomy tables allow for hungry groups of friends and family to dine together. Mood lighting helps promote an intimacy that allows diners to enjoy the culinary experience as though it was for them alone. Given the typical warm weather of Texas, the back patio has become a favorite of restaurant patrons. And for those kids who are a little too energetic from the exciting food, there is an adjoining full-size playground area to help the little ones “burn off” their calories.

What's even greater is customers receive extravagant, authentic Mexican food excellently prepared, at a fair price with customer service above and beyond the norm.

Now it's your turn to discover your passion for great, authentic Mexican cuisine with a splash of Tex-Mex. Discover the fusion of the spirit of a father, the dream of a son, and the tastes of Mexico with a contemporary flair. Discover Nico's.

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